Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 44

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 44

    Engine Removal/Installation ~ (cont’d) 30, Remove the clutch damper assembly [M/Tl. NOTE: Take care, nut to bend the pipe. CLUTCH DAMPER ASSEMBLV 8 x L25 mm 22 “Am (2.1 kg-m, 16 III-h) 3|. Remove the vehicls speed sensor (VSSI/powel steering speed sensor assembly. NOTE: Do nox disconnecx the hoses, 18 N-m (1.8 kg-m‘ 13 mm fi/ couuscron VSSIPOWER STEERING SPEED SENSOR o-RING Raphael 32. Raise (he hois‘ to ull height. 33. Remove the exhaust pipe A. SELF-LOCKING NUT 13 N-m (1.8 kgan. GASKET 1 3 Ih-fil Replace. Replnce. SELF-LOCKING NUT 65 um ls.5 kg-m. 40 um) Replace. EXHAUSY PIPE A 34. Remove the A/T shifl cable (A/T). NOTE: 0 Take care not to bend the cable when removing ii, Always replace any kinked cable with a new one. 0 Adjust the shift cable when inslalling (see sac— tlon 14L lOCK WASHER Replace SHIFT CABLE e x Lo mm 10 N~m (1.0 kg-m, 7 lb-ft) 8 x 1.26 mm 18 Man (1‘8 kg-m. 13 Ila-f!)