Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 45

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN700 Service Manual - Page 45

    35‘ Remove the damper Iork. CAUTION: ncplacc the self—locklng bolts ll you can easily thread I non-sefl-Iocklng nut past than nylon locking insert: 1 ahould require 1 N-m (0.1 kg-m, 0.7 Ib-ft) of torque to turn the nut an the bolt). SELF~LOCKING HOLY 10 x 1.25 mm SELF-LOCKING 44 N-m “A kg-m. 32 “:40 BOLT DAMPER FORK SELF-LOCKING NUT 12 x 125 mm 55 N-m (6.5 kg-ml a1 Ib-m Replace. 36. Disconnect the suspension lower arm ball joint with the special tool. Refer to section 13 for the procedure, 36—4: :40 CUTTER PIN CASTLE NUT 12 )r 1.25 mm 50— 60 N -m (5,0—60 kn-m. Replace. BALI. JOINT REMOVER, 32 mm O7MACA SLOD1OO 37. Remove the driveshafts. CAUTION: Take can not to damage the all seal when removlng the drivuhaft. NOTE: I Coat all precision finished surfaces with Clean engine oil or grease. 0 Tie plastic bags over the driveshaft ends. DRIVESHAFT 38‘ Swing the driveshaft under the fender. NOTE: 0 Coat all precision-finished surfaces with clean engine oil or grease. o Tie plastic bags over the driveshait endsc PLASTIC HAG DRIVESHAFT SUSPENSION LOWER ARM (comd) 5-9