Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 10

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 10

    Lift and Support Points — Lift When heavy rear components such as suwension, vuel :ank, spare tyre and uunk lid m m be removed, pine. addltinnnl welght in in. mm More hoisting. When substantial weight is lumcvad from (he rear oi [he can, the centsr of gvavlty may change and can cause the car «1 ‘ip forward on the hoIsL NOTE: Since each wre/wheel assemb|y weighs apprImalely 14 kg [30 lbs), placing the front wheels In the trunk can assist with weight dis‘ribulion, 1. Flsce the lih blocks as shown. 2. Raise the hoist until the tyres are S|Ighlly off the ground and lock the 4:8! to be sure R is Vilmly supported. 3. Raise the hoist to full heigm and inspec‘ lift points for solld supporl. FRONT SUPPORT POINT UFT BLOCKS REAR suprom POINT