Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 43

    Engine Removal/Installation 1% 0 Make surejacks and sarexy stands are placed proper Iy and hoist brackets are allached to In correct positions on the engine. 0 Make sure the car will not roll 0 sands and fall while you are working under in CAUTION: 0 Use lender covers lo avaid damaging painted surlaca. I Unspecified i‘ems are common. I Unplug the wiring connectors carefully while holding ‘he connector porlion to avoid damage. 0 Make all wiring and hoses lo avoid misconnaction. Also, be sure tha‘ they do nor Contact olher w buses or imarfarance with (“her Darts, 1. Secure me hood as «a. open as possible 2, Disconnem xhe battery negafive (erminal rim, men the posiuve Kermlnal. 3. Remove the radiator Cap. Use care when removing me vadlamr cap lo avoid scalding by hot coolam or steam. 4. Raise the hoist In full height. 5. Remove the (ram wheels and the englne splash shleld. 6 x 1.0 mm 10 Na “0 kw,“ ENGINE SPLASH —, “rm SHIELD 6. Loosen the dram plug from me radiator. 7. Drain me transmissron on or fluid. Reinsrall the drain plug usmg a new washer. 9. Drain me englne on. Reinstall the dram bolt usrng a new washer, then lower (he hOlSL CAUTION: Do not ovenigmen the drain ball. 9, Remove the intake air dum and all cleaner. Ala CLEANER INTAKE AIR DUCT 10 Run 41 o kg-m. 7 lb-fl) 10. Remove the ballery, battery base and Darren] Cable. a x 1,25 rum 22 N-m (2,2 kgm, g 161%“) BATTERY EASE s x 1.0 mm 10 N-m (1.0 mm, 7 lb“) BATTERY CABLE (com’d) 5-3