Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 44

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 44

    Engine Removal/Installation — (cont’d) 1|. Remove the slarler cable and Uansmlssmn ground cable STARTER CABLE YRANsmssrou ( > GROUND CABLE 8 rr 1.25 mm 9 Man (0.9 Ito-m, 6 11.0 mm 7 Ib-h) 10 N-m (1.0 Item. 7 Ib-Itl lz. Relieve Iuel pressure by slowly loosening the ser~ vice bolt on lhe iue| rail about one turn. Do not smoke while working on the Iuel system. Keep rrwey Ironr work area. Drain fuel only into an approved container, CAUTION: o More connecting any luel line, relieve (he luel pressure as described above. e Place a shop towel over the Iuel rail ro prevent pmssuvized Iuel from spleying over the engine. 13. Remove the fine! feed hose and fuel return hose. BANJO NUT SERVICE BOLT 22 um (2.2 Room, WASHERS 15 N-m (1.5 kgrmr I6 Ib-m Replace. 11 hr) FUEL FEED FUEL RETURN NOSE 14. Remove the letr slde engrne wrre harness and ground cahle 5x1.0mm 10 N-m llo kg-m. 7 IIHI) LEFY SIDE ENGINE WIRE HARNESS 6 I 1 0 mm 10 N-rn ll.o kgern, 7lb-h) GROUND CABLE 15. Remove the lhvonle cable by loosening the locknul, then slip the cable end am of the throtrle lrnkage. NOTE: 0 Do nor loosen rhe adrusrrng rm! 0 Take care nor :0 bend the cable when removing IL Always replace any klnked cable with a new one. o Adiusl rhe rhrotrle cable when lnstalllng CAsLE END LOCKNUT ADJUSTING NUY ls. Remove the engrne wire harness connectors, rer- mined and Clamps on the nghr sroe ol englne cumparlmem. 5-4