Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 46

    Engine Removal/Installation — (cont’d) 21. Remove the engine ground came on the cylinder head. 22. Remove the power steering {PIS} pipe and mounb mg bolt/nut, Loosen the adiustmg bolt, then remove the P/s pump belt and pump. NOTE I Plug the pipe and the pump pOrL 0 D0 n01 disconnect the hose. a x I.o mm PIS PE 11 mm (1.1 kq-m. s Io-m P/S PUMP g3 MOUNTING BOLT 10 II |.25 mm 33 mn PIS PUMP ADJUSYIMG BOLT MOUNTING NUT a x I.25 mm 22 N~m12.2 kg-m, 16 Ih-III 23. Remove the condense! Ian shmud men Inslall a protector plate to the radiator. CONDENSER 6 x 1,0 mm FAN SNROUD 1D N-m (LB ky~mr 7 Io-m ‘Jé‘mu r PROTECTOR PLATE 45 N~m (4,5 ky~m. 24. Loosen the admstmg huh and mounnng bolt/nut Irorn the alternator, then remove the alternator belt. MOUNTING son 10 x 1.25 mm 45 N-m [4.5 kg-m. 33 mm ALTERNATOR CONNECTOR ALTERNATOR aELT ALTERNATOR MOUNTING NUY TERMWAL ADJUSTING a x |.25 mm 30” 22 N-m (2.2 kg-m. 16 Ib-II) 25. Loosen the mountrng bolt. then remove the aIr con- dIIionIng (A/C) compressoh NOTE: 0 Do not disconnect the A/C hose I Disconnect the connector Alc COMPRESSOR MOUNTING EOLTS a 1 I25 mm 22 N‘m (2‘2 kg-m, 16 Ib~1II Remove me connector 5-6