Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 48

    Engine Removal/Installation — (contd) 30. Remove {he clulch damper assembly (M/T], NOTE: Take care, no! lo bend me pipe. CLUTCH DAMPER ASSEMBLV 8 x 1.25 mm 22 N-m (2.2 ky—m; I6 lbdl) 31, Remove (he vehicle speed sensor (VSS)lpower swering speed sensor assembly. NOYE: Do nm disconnect the hoses. 1s N-m (LB kg-m, 1:! Ib-m g/CDNNECYOR ; / —I.. O-mNG Replace 32. Ralse [he hcllsl m lull mm. 33 Remove the exhausl mm A. NOTE: Remove the healed oxygen sensol (H023) EOHHGCIOIV GASKET SELF-LOCKING NUT Replace H025 ‘8 N41: ll.a kg-m. l3 III-fl) SELF-LOCKING NUT 55 MM (55 kg-ml 40 lh-k) Replace. EXHAUST PIPE A 34. Remove the A/T shlfi cable lA/T) NOTE: 0 Take care no! lo bend the cable when vsmowng it. Always leplace any kinked cable Wlth a new one 0 Adjust the max cable when installlng. LOCK WASHER Replace SHIFT CABLE 10 N-m [Lo kg-m, 7 Ib~hl 3 x 1.25 mm la Nm (1,8 kgrm, 13 lhdll