Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 49

  • Honda Accord 1993-62SN720 Service Manual - Page 49

    35. Remove the damper lovk. CAUTION: Replace the selHocking baits if you can easily thread I non-seIf-Iocklng (In! past their nylon locking inserts lII should quuive 1 N-m (0.1 kg-m, 0,7 lh-m of torque to turn the nu! on the holtL SELFALOCKING BOLT 10 x I.25 mm SELF~LDCKING 44 an (4.4 kg-m, 32 IMI) BOLT DAMPER FORK SELF-LOCKING NUT I2 x 125 mm 65 N-In (6,5 km, 47 Ihvll) Replace. 36. Disconnect me suspension lower arm ball joinl wnn the special moi, CASTLE NUT I2 x 1‘25 mm 50—60 N-III {SD—6,0 kg-m. 36-43 Ila-III con‘ER PIN Replace BALL JOINT REMOVER, 32 mm 07MAc—sLooIDO lei 37. Remove Ihe driveshahs. CAUTION: Take care not in damage me oil seal when removing Ihe dviveshilt. NOTE: 0 Coal all precision finished surfaces wlth clean engine oil or grease. o fie plastic bags over (he driveshafl ends. DRIVESNAFT 38‘ Swing the driveshafl under the fendel, NOTE: - Coat all precisuon~finished sulfaces with clean engine oil 0! grease 0 Tie piasuc bags over me dIiveshalI enasi DRIVESHAFT SUSPENSION LOWER ARM (comd) 5-9