Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-1995-62SN722 Service Manual - Page 3

  • Honda Accord 1994-1995-62SN722 Service Manual - Page 3

    The following summavizes changes made on the 93 ACCORD Shop Manual (Code No. 625N700), S3 ACCORD Shop Manual Supplement (Code No, 625N720) and 94 ACCORD Shop Manual Supplement (Code No. 625N721). come not ITEM DESCRIPTION Riggs? 628N720 623N721 625N722 Brake Application of brake pads changed due to 2‘3 2 model addition Changed - Torque value of rear blaks caliper bracket mounting ball for conventional brakes . Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Possible to rep|ace the reservoir and the accumulator of the modulator unit Body Added Front spoiler for 23 1 model 0 —— r Tmnk spoiler fol 2.3 I model 0 _ Some protectols of doors added . o — E|sctrical Changed u Ignition system (2.3 2 model) ‘ Power supply circuit 0 — ‘ Starter mounting bolt torque velue changed lM/Ti Ksyless entry system added (KE) Added Cruise Control system (KE mode - Supplemental Restraint System (SR5) Type lll Changed - Power supply circuit - AT gear position indicator circuit ~ Trunk light ~ Locaticm of head light washer switch (KE model) - Ham system r Supplemental Restraint System (SR5) Type M Changed ~ Keyless entry and Security alarm system