Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-1995-62SN722 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Accord 1994-1995-62SN722 Service Manual - Page 36

    ITEM NOTES STEERING svsTEM Type Overall aura Tums, Lock~to~Lock Sleerlng Wheel Dlarnerer METRIC I ENGLISN Power assisted, lack and pinian 16.0 a. :30 mm l l5.D in SUSPENSION Type, anI lrrdependeni double Wlshbnner coil spring wirh slebillzel‘ Type, Rear Indepenuem double Wishbone, coil spring slabllller shock Absorber, Fronl and Rear Telescopic, hydraulic nitrogen gas-filled WHEEL ALIGNMENT Camber Front 0“ 00 Rear -o> 30 Casler 3° 00 Toiel Tue From 0 mm o in Rear in 2‘0 mm In 0.03 in BRAKE SVSTEM Type: Froni Power-assisted seliadjusling ventilalsd disc Rear Power-assisted sell-zdlusflng solid disc Pad Surface Area: From 2.0? MIT 2.0 I M and 2,3 47 Rear Parking Brake 49.4 cm7x2 733 sq~inx2 53.ncm1x2 aaa sq-ian 25.1mm” Aqu-inxz Mechanical actualing, reartwo wheel brakes WEE size and Pressure Seelyre iniormaiion label (see page 142) ELECTRICAL Elllery KG IKFI: 12 V a 57 AHIZO HR KE:12V7 47 AH/2o HR KS: 12 v — 55AH/20 HR Slaner 12V71JkW41r6kW Alternsmr 12 v — 70 A Fuses In rhe undemzsh (use/relay box In the under»hood hiss/relay box in me undenhoad ABS fuse/relay box Headhth From Turn Frank Paeil n nghls Rear Turn Signal ngms Stop/Taillights Basie-m nghts Rear Fog Lignr License Plere Lignrs Ceiling (Interior) Lighrs From Real Trunk (Bum) Lighls Door Courtesy Lighls Glove Box Lighls Gauge Lighls Indicator girls/Lamps 9 Illumlnation and Film Lights Heater llluminerian Lights 7.5A,1DA,15A30A 7.5A,10A,I5A,20A,3UA, 40A,50A,30A 75A,15A,50A lzvasswmli 12 v-21WiAMBERi 12V-5W 12V-5w izv-zlw 1zV-2i/5w 1zv—2lw lzvazl w 12v~5w 12V-5w 12V-3.(W lzv-3.4w 12V»3r4w invasw lzvao.56,, 1.12, LAW 12 V~ LAW 3-17