Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 2

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 2

    Outline of Model Changes The following summarizes changes made on the 93 ACCORD Shop Manual [Code No. 623N700) and 93 ACCORD Shop Manual Supplement (Code No. 625N720lv CODE 0- REFERENCE 625N720 623N721 SECTON General 23 l model added 0 — 2.0 e KS model added 0 i Engine H23A3 engine type added 0 F2021, F2022 engines valve clearance modlfied ITEM DESCRIPTION Rear mount bracket Changed 0 5 Changed - Torque value of radiator fan self locking nut O 10 - Connecting pipe (H23A3 engine) . Water pump PGM-Fl Changed for 2.3 1 model addition 0 Vacuum connections Elecrrlcal connections . Heated oxygen sensor (H025) TDC/CKP/CYP sensor Starting air valve Fast Idle thermo valve - Throttle body - Intake air bypass (IAB) control system - Intake alr control system Main Wire harness changed 0 11 Manual Transmisslon Coumsrsnan 2nd gear synchro system changed 0 13 Automatlc Changed for 2.3 3 model addition Transmission - Rosd test shift schedule - Stall speed RPM 0 f ~ Pressure testlng lluid pressure - 151/2nd clutch assembly Circuit diagram modified Changed - Reverse idler gear shift and holder . Main valve body assembly - Secondary shaft assembly 0 M Clutch discs and pistons - Throttle control cable inspection and adjustment Discontinued - Right side cover protector 0 Magnet on ATF strainer