Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 3

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 3

    The followmg Summarizes changes made on he 93 ACCORD Shop Manual (Code No. 625N700) and 93 ACCORD Shop Manual Supplement (Code No. 625N720L ITEM DESCRIPTION CODE N0. 525N720 628N721 REFERENCE SECTION Bla e Appllcslion of blake Dads changed due to 2.3 2 model additlon O Changed - Torque value of rear brake caliper bracket mountlng bolt for conventional brakes . Antirlock Brake Sysrem (ABS) 19 Body Added - Front spoiler for 2.3 l model ‘ Trunk spoiler {or 2.3 I model Some protectors of doors added 20 Elecmcal Chan ed - lgn n system (2.3 5 model) « Power supply eirculr Starter mourning bolt torque value changed (M/T) Keyless ench system added (KE) Added . Cruise control sysxem (KE model) ‘ Supplemental Restraint System (SR3) Type III Changed . Power supply civcuil ‘ AT gear position indicmor circuit Trunk Ilgm Location of head llght washer Switch (KE model) HDm system Supplemental Resuaim System (5H5) Type II 23