Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 315

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 315

    CAUTION: 0 Be sure to install the sns wiring so that it is not pinched or interlenng with other car parts. - Whon tight-ning tho TOHX® bolts to th- spaci- tioa torque after replacement, be careful to turn them In so that their heads resl squarely on the brackets 6. Stick the SHS unit cover on“) the upper surface oi the new SR5 unit, and install the new 5R5 unit. sns Ullln COVER mnxw sons 6 mm 10 mm 41.0 kg-m, 7.2 Ill-It) Replace. Us. a Tonxo 1-30 bit. SRS uurr/sns UNlT COVER sns MAIN Tonxm BOLTS 6 mm HARNESS w CONNECTOR 10 Min 41.0 kg-rn, 7.2 lb—m Replace. u Tonxo ran hit. 7‘ Connect the SHS main harness IB-F connector to the SRS unit; push il inlo posilion until it clicks. 8. Remove and properly slore the short connectors (RED), (hen reconnect the airbag conneclors (and reinstall the access panel and glove box). 9. Reconnect the battery positive cable, then the nega- tive cable. 10. After installing the sns unit, confirm proper system operation: Turn the ignition to ON (II); the instru- ment panel SR8 indicator light should come on for about six seconds and then go ofl. 23-1 1 7