Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 36

    ITEM ME‘mlc ‘ ENGLISH NOTES STEERING SVSTEM Type Power assisted, rack and pinion Overall Ratio Turns, Lock-lo»l.ock 3.14 Steering Wheel Diameter 330 mm I 15.0 In SUSPENSiON vae, Front Independent double wi hbone, euil spring with stab izer Tvpe, Rear Independent double wishbone, ca‘ spring with stabilizer Shock Absurbev, Front and Rear Telescopic, hydraulic nitrogen gas-filled WHEEL ALIGNMENT Camber Front 0° 00 Rear 70“ 30‘ Caster 3“ 00 Total Tue From 0 mm o in Rear In20mm I In ME in BRAKE SVSYEM Tvne: Front Power-assisted Sellradjusilng ventilated disc Rear Pad Surface Area: Front 2 at M/T 2.0lI Arr and 232 Rear Parking Brake Powerassisted seltadjusting solid disc 580cmi‘x2 wlcmzxz ‘ 297cmi‘x2 4,50 sqrin x 2 Mechanical actuating, reartwo wheel brakes TVRE size and Pressure See tyre inlormation label tsee page I~I21 ELECYHICAL Battery KG (KP): 12 V - 57 Ali/20 HR KE:12 V 7 a7 AHIZO HR Ks:11 V 7 55 AH/ZI) HR Starter l2V— La kw, Ls kw Alternator II V - 70 A Fuses in the under-dash ruse/relay box in the underrhood Nse/lelay box in the underrhood ABS (use/relay box Headlights Front Turn Signal Lights Front Pos n Lighls Side Turn 5 rial Lights Rear Turn Signal Lights Stop/Taillights Back-up Lights Rear Fog Light License Plate ghts Ceiling tinterierr Lights From Rear Trunk tsoot) Lights Door Courtesy Lights Glove Box Lights Gauge Lights indicator Lights/Lamps Warning Lights illumination and Film Lights Heater Illumtnation Lights 7,5A,1OA,15A,30A 7,5A,10A,15A,20A,30A, 40A, 50A, 30A 7.5A,15A,50A izveSSWIHl) 12V721 w iAMBERi 12V-5w 12V—5W l2V-21w 12V-21/5W 12V-21w 12V-21w 12Ve5w 12V75W 12V73.4W 12V73.4W 12V—3JW 12V-5W le—t.a,3w 12v-o.34, 1,12, MW, LED 12V, .4 12V»0.56,0L84, 1.I2, MW lzveuw 3-17