Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 46

    Radiator Illustrated Index System is under high pressure when engine is hm. To avoid danger ol releasing scalding engine coolanr. remove cap only when engine is cold, Tmal Cooling Syslam Capacin (Including hemer and vfissrvoir’ F2021, F2022 engines: M/T: 6.3 I (6,7 us qr, 5.5 Imp qt) NT: 62 l (6.6 us ql, 5.5 Imp qt) H23A3 engine: MIT: 7.0 I (7.4 us qt, 5.2 Imp qr) A/T: 6.9 2 (7.3 us qt. 6.1 Imp on Reservuil capacity: 0.6 I (0.6 us or, 0.5 Irnp no UPPER RADIATOR HOSE s x 1.0 mm ID N-m [LO kgm, 7 lhrffl AYF COOLER s .o m RusEs mm x 1 rrr 10 N- (1.0 kgvm, 7 Ih-m FAN SHROUD 1 0-2 CAUTION: When pouring engine coelam, be sure to shut the relay box lid and not in let coolam spill on the elec- uical pans or rhe paint. I! any coolant spills, rinse R on immeoimely. NOTE: 0 Check all cooling system hoses for damage, leaks or deleriolalion and replace if necessary. 0 Check all hose clamps and rellghten if necessary. 0 Use new o-rlngs when reassembling. RADIATOR Inspect soldered jelnrs and seams Ier leaks. Blew out din Irorn beiween core lins will. compressed alr If insects, are, are clogging radialor, wash lhem oll wnh low pressure watev. RADIATOR cm: SELF LOCKING NUT 5.5 ern (0,65 klrrn. 4.0 Ih-h) Replace, 000mm RESERVOIR LOWER RADIATOR HOSE Illlrr: Manual transmission Arr: Aummuic transmission ATF: Aulomntic transmission lluid