Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Accord 1994-62SN721 Service Manual - Page 48

    Water Pump - Inspection 1. Remove me timing ban. 2. Check that the wa(er pump pulley turns counter- clockwise. 3. Check for slgns of seal leakage. NOTE: A small amount of Hweeping” from the bleed hole is normal. BLEED HOLES — Replacement —’——— 1‘ Remove the liming be“. 2. Remove the camshan pulley and the back cover. 3. Remove ‘he Water pump by removing five bolts. NOTE: inspect, repair and clean the Orrlng groove and matlng sulface with the cvlinder block. WATER PUMP Replace. RUBBER SEAL Apply liquld gasket w me Wale! pump matlng surface. b 5 x 1 m 2 an (1.2 kg»m, 9 Ib-k) 4r Inslall Ihe water pump in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: 0 Keep the O-ring in position when Installing. o Clean me spilled engine coolant. 1 0-4