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  • Honda Accord 1994 Service Manual - Page 45

    VTEC — Description This engine has a normal 4 valves per cylinder arrangement. At low engine speed, the primary intake valve operates at normal lilt while the secondary inlake valve opens only slightly to prevent iuel accumulation in the imake port At high englne speed the primary and secondary intake rocker arms are connected to the mid intake rocker arm to allow high valve lift A synchronizing piston connects/disconnects the three intake rocket arms Hydraulic pressure against a timing piston moves the synchronizing piston A and a one direction, while a stopper piston and return spring moves the syn- chmnizing piston back when hydraulic pressure rs reduced. MING PLATE ( MID ROCKER ARM SECONDARV ROCKER ARM stcHRoNIzING PISTON B stcnRoNIZING PISTON A MING PISYON INTAKE VALVE cAMsHAI—‘r PRIMARV ROCKER ARM 5-4