Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1994 Service Manual - Page 49

  • Honda Accord 1994 Service Manual - Page 49

    VTEC — Explana on of Timng Mechanism Operation The variable valve timing and lift mechanism swirches inrake valve operation berween single valve operauon and two valve operaiien depending upon engine speed. To help achleve swuchover, a limlng plere IS sralled on ihe primary rocker arm. Hydvaullc Pressure ON Hvdraulic pressure OFF ® Lili ~5wueh-nver is impossible as rne hrriiiig El Lin 0: Switchover is impossible as me iimirig is Plate is inlo iheliming pisien insened inio ihehming Dlsmn % / (23 Lil: pmcess begins: The wing Dlate is desengaged, and ihe rirriing pislon stans Shla El Llf! process begins: Theriming plale elene ring The synchronizing pisien does run move slans shining. The synchronizing piston does because oirhe lih not move because oi ihe load imposed / g L ‘lT—‘ll l—ll m Lifl o The synchronizing eisxon is pushed back @ Lin 0 since ihe liming plaie is pulled our, me by ihe rerurn spring and me valve OPEIBIiofl valve opsraiing made sreris io change lrarri mode sums to change lrorri z-velve operation Isvalve operaiiori m 2-vslve aperaiien ar rhe Io Irvalve oaareiien irern rhe momenl when ihe momeni ms nu becomes zero. Iifl becomes zero. :LL—lfi ewe Lame ! arm —‘ o o W a l m H—‘IL_H_ @ Lin 0. Swllch-aver is campieie m Lin 0: Swncrmver is compleled. ; i E ‘ o