Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 15

    Abbreviations List of automotive abbreviations which may be used in shop manual. A/C Air Conditioning, Air Conditioner ALT Alternator ABS Anti-lock Brake System A/T Automatic Transmissmn ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid A/F Air Fuel Ratio AMP Ampere (S) ANT Antenna Assv Assembly Aux Auxiliary APPROXt Approximately ATDC Alter Tap Dead Center AUTO Automatic ATT Attachment ACL Alr Cleaner API American Petroleum Institute BAHO Barometric EAT Battery BTDC Belore Top Dead Center BDC Bottom Dead Center CKP Crankshalt Position CVF Cyllnder Position CAT Catalytic Converter or CATA C0 Carbon Monoxide CYL Cylinder CFC Clutch Pressure Control CARE Carburetor COMP Complete CPU Central Processing Unit CHG Charge DI Distributor Ignition DLC Data Link Connector DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code DIFF Dllferential DOHC Double Overhead Camshaft DPI Dual Point Injection EVAP Evaporative EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation ECM Engine Control Module ECT Engine Coolant Temperature EX Exhaust ELD r Electrical Load Detector EFI Electronic Fuel Injection EPS Electrical Power Steering F FP FWD FR FL an FIA GAL GND H/E H025 HC IAB IAC IAR ICM IAT IMA lN IG or IGN ID ID or ltDt INJ INT KS L LH LHD L/C LSD LF L-4 LED Front Fuel Pump Front wneel Drive Front Right From Left Fail Sale Relay Fuel Injection Air Gallon Ground Hatchback Heated Oxygen Sensor Hydrocarbons Intake Air Bypass idle Air Control Intake Air Resonator Ignition Control Module Intake AIr Temperature Idle Mixture Adjustment Intake Ignition Identification Inside Diameter Injection Intermittent Knock Sensor Lth Lon Handle Left Handle Drive Lockrup Clutch Limited Slip Diiferential Left Front Left Rear InAline Four Cylinder (engine) Light Emitting Diode 1-14