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  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 31

    Design Specifications — lcont’d) ITEM METRIC ENGUSH NDYES ENGINE Compresslon Rario Icontd) FZDBCI engme 9‘0 : 1 F2231, F2232 engines 8‘8 F2235 engine 9V8V Valve Tra FZZBI engine Eel! driven, SDHC VTEC A valve per cylinder Except F2231 engme Belt driven, SDHC a valve percylinder Lubricalion System Forced and we! sump, irochoid pump Oil Fumv Displacement 316,000 engine rpm (mirfl) 73.5! (17.7 US qt, 66.7 Imp qu/rninule Water Pump Displacemem at 6,000 engine rpm lminll 13531 (169 US ql,141lmp qtl/minule Fuel Required F2231, F2252, engines UNLEADED gasoline wllh a Research Octane Number IRON] of 9| or higher F2033, F2235 engines Premium UNLEADED gasoline wllh a Research Duane Number IRON) 0795 or higher STARTER Type Gear reducnon Normal Output MIT LA kW A/T LG kW Normal Voltage 12 V Hour Rating so seconds Direction of Holalion Clockwise as viewed (mm gear end weight 37 kg l 32 lbs CLUTCH Type M Single plate dry, dlaphragm sprlng A/I Torque converter Facing Area M/T 2n cm‘ | 33.3 sq»in TRANSMISSION Type M/T Svnchrunized 5»spesd lovward, 1 reverse A/I’ Eleclronlcally cnnlrolled A-snaed aummat 1 reverse Primary Reduclion TVDe/Ralla Direct/1 Manual Transmissuon F2083, F2235 engines Gear Ratin 15‘ 3307 2nd 1.309 31:! 1.230 6th 0.933 51h 0.757 Reverse 3 000 Final Redumion Gear Ralio A166 Type Single helical gear 3-14