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  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 36

    Lubrica on P0 nts For the details of lubrication paints and Wine or lubricants to be applied, refer to the illustrated index and Various work procedure (such as Assembly/Heassembly, Replacement, Overhaul, Installation, etc.) conlained in each section. No. LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANY 1 Engine Always use a fuel-eilicienl all is Ihal says API Ser~ Vice 56 or SH. SAE Viscosity: See char! halal 2 Transmission Manual Automatic API Service Grades: SF or 56 SAE Viscoslt : 10 W—30 or 10 W740 Honda Premium Formula or DEXRON II Automatic transmission iluid Brake line (Includes Ami-lock brake line! Brake fluid DOT3 Dr DOTA Clutch line Brake fluid DOT3 or DOT4 Power steering gearbox Steering grease P/N 037334070: Urea Grease UM2641P/N 41211*PV5*305l Throttle wire end (Dashboard lower panel hole) Sllicone grease 4 5 5 Release fork (Manual transmission) 7 i B Thrmlle cable end (Throttle link) 9 Brake master cylinder pushrod ‘0 Clutch master cylinder Dushrod 1| Houd hinges and hood latch 12 Ballerv terminals ‘3 Fuel llll lid 14 Trunk hinges 15 Door hinges, upper and lower ‘5 Door open detent Multipurpose grease I7 Rear brake calipers Rust-preventive agent 18 Power sleerlng system Honda power steering fluidrV 19 Air condllloning compressor 20 an 40: -2o 20 or so do ma‘r Recommended engine oil Engine ull ViSCOSIly lor ambit-In! lempzralure ranges Compressor oll: NIPPONDENSO: NDVDILB (PIN 38899—PR7—003) HADSYS: Dn. $1 ox (P/N 38899~POA—003l (For Refrigerant: HFC-134a lR-134a)) <1 CAUTION: Used engine oil may cause skin cancer ll repoatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. Although th‘ is unlikely unless you handle used oil on a daily basis, it is still advisable to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible alter handling used nil 4-2