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  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 43

    Outline r Description The new F2231 engine is an in-line 4»cylinder SOHC design displacing 2,155 cm3 (1315 curin). ii rs waier cooled and equipped with a cemel plug type peril-roof combustion chamber. ll is specified to use unleaded fuel and uses a PGM-Fl (Sequeniial Muiiiporr Fuel injeeiionl system. This engine incorporates a mechanism ca||ed Honda Variable Valve Timlng and Valve Lifl Electronic Control lVTEC) System. The design 01 other engine models ara basicallv the Same as F2281 engine except the displacements and VTEC system. This system allows the timing and lifl 09 the intake valves to be changed simultaneously F2281 engine: