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  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 44

    Maiov Specific-(inns Type Water cooled 4-stroke, lneline a-cylinder gasoline engine Displacement 2,156 cm3 1131.5 curl) Bore X Stroke 85,0 x 95.0 mm (3.35 x 3.74 in) Compression Ratio 8.3: 1 Cam, Valve Mechanlsm Single overhead camshaft, VTEC Valve Train Ball Driven Fuel Supply SysXem Sequential Multiport Fuel Injection lSFI) Main Features: o The cyllnder head is made of aluminum alloy, 3 center plug type, penned-shaped combustion chamber is used, and the 4-valve system uses 2 intake valves and 2 exhaust valves. The camshaft and the valve train are driven by a liming DQII, and the two balancer shafls are dvlven by a liming bal- ancer bell. The cylinder block is made at aluminum alloy using casl iron sleeves. The crankshaft is made by forging, is supported at five palms and has eight balancer weights. The balanoer shatts employ a gearatvpe reverse mechanism to reduce secondary engine Vibration. The intake manilold is made ol aluminum alloy. The electronic fuel injection system IS a sequential multipon type. it lniects luel Into all four cylinders. The throttle body is a one-barrel, side-draft type, The ignition system is a iullv~translstorlzed, eontaclless type. The spark advance Is eleclronrc, The air cleaner is equipped with a resonator, The radiator is a corrugated type, and the cooling fan is electrically powered. co... o co. 5-3