Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 46

    IE1 A variable valve tlming and litt mechanism is used so ihe engine achieves bolh low luel consumption and high output. This system has achieved high combustion efficiency and low tiiel consumpllon in the low engine speed range while maintaining high outpur equivalent to rher ot a conveniionei 4-valve engine in the high engine speed range. This was made possible by providing a great litt ditterence between the primary intake valve and secondary intake valve in the low engine speed range to create a swirling fuel/air tlewi High Power Engine VTEC Engine 2~valve Engine Primary cum i1 uni Valve Timing g m (exhaust/intake) ll Valve Lift 5 sane x b Exhlun Intake Exhaust Intnke Exhaust Intake Secondary c-rri Max. Power 0 O x Low rpm Torque x o o Idling Stability x o 0 Fuel consumption x o o ’TDC = Top Dead Center BDC = Bottom Dead Center 0 = Optimum Characteristic x = Worst Characterislic Rock-r arms with roller bearings rldnu lricfion losses (9 INTAKE Rocker Arm Type 6) Primary Roller (23 Secondary Slider © Mid Roller EXHAUST Rocker Arm Type © A Roller @ B Roller 5-5