Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Accord 1995 Service Manual - Page 48

    IE1 — Control System anve Timing cn-ng- Condkions Control System Oll Flow From OIL PUMP —’ VTEC PRESSURE SWITCH VYEC SOLENOID VALVE Engine Speed: 2,300 - 3,200 mm (depending on manilold prassural Vehicle speed: ‘2 mph no kmlh) a! lane! Engine Coollnl Tempomure: 50°F (10°C) or higher Engine Land: Judged by inkake manilold nagalive pressure ENGINE CONTROL MODULE 15cm Englne speed Englne Ioed Vehlcle speed Engine cooiam lemueratuve The canvol system for this mechanism, as shown below, constamly monitors ‘he changes In engine slams such as load, rpm and vehicle speed. This information Is lransmlued to the Engine Control Module (ECM). 5-7