Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 28

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 28

    rrEM METRIC | ENGUSH NOTES STEERING SYSTEM Type Power aSSIsled, rack and pinion Ovevall Ratio 16A Turns, Lockrlo-Luck 3.13 sreerrng Wheel 330 mm 1 15,0 in SUSPENSION Type, Front lndepsndem double wishbone, coil spying with stabilizer Tyne, Rear lnelependenr double wis bone, coil spring with 5!: er Shock Absorber, Fvom and Rear ‘ Telescopic, hydraulic nirrugen gasrfilled WHEEL ALIGNMENT oernber From 0° 00 Rear 70° 30 Casler 3° 00 Total Tue From 0 mm Din Hear In 2.0 mm In ores In BRAKE SVSTEM Type; From Power-assisted self-adjusling venrilared disc Rear Power-assisted self-euiunrng solid dlsc Pad Suflaca Area: From F1aA3, F2021 (MN) 494 cm x 2 7.66 sq»in x 2 F2021 lAm, F22Z2 53.0 cm1 x 2 { 3.99 sq n x 2 Rear 28.3 cm1 x 2 4.39 sqrin x 2 Parking Brake Mechanical ecluaung, reerrwo wheel brakes TYRE 3$ixe and Pressure See lvre inlormauon label (see page 1-12) ELECTRICAL Baney 11 V 757 AH/ZD HR K5 Izveu AH/zn HR KG, KE Srerrer 12v—u kw, 1.6 kw Alternator 12 v — 70 A Fuses In (he underrdash fuse/relay box In the under-hood luse/relav box In Ine underelrood ABS Inse box Headlights FlomTum Signal Lignls From Parking Ligms Slde Tum Slgnal Lignrs Rear Turn Signal ngms Brake/Tailligth High Mennr Brake Lignr Back-up Lights Hear Fog Light License Plere Lights Calling (Interior) Lights From Rear Trunk laeorl Lignrs Door Courtesy Lrgnre Gluve Box Lighl Gauge Ligan lndiealor Ligmmemps Warning Lights Illuminerion and Film Lignrs Healer Illuminafion Lignre 7V5A,1nA, 15A, 30A 7.5A,10A,15A,20A,3DA, 40A,50A,30A 20A,AUA 12V»55W(H1) I2V»2| WIVELLOWI l2ve5w Izvnsw 12 v72! w 12v721/5W 12V—21w 12v—21w 12v721w 12V75W 12V75w 12vnuw 12er,56.084,1,12,1.aW 12v71.4w 3-15