Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 380

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 380

    — Out-of-car Deployment (Without — Deployment Tool) Untwist the stripped ends of the vmyl double cable and connect them to the 12 volt battery. The airbag should deploy (deployment is both highly audible and visible; a loud noise and rapid inflation of the bag, followed by slow deflation). e If audible/visible deployment happensy go to Disposal, o If the airbag does not deploy, go to Damaged Airbag Special Procedure. A! 10.51 10 mm” (“tiny lm) During deployment, the airbag assembly can become hot enough to burn you. Wait thirty mlnutes alter deployment belore touching the assembly. - Disposal During deployment. the airbng assembly can become hot enough to burn you Wait thirty minutes after deploymam bolero touching the nsslmbly. In accordance with local regulations, dispose of the complete airbag assembly. No part of it can be reused. Plane it in a sturdy plastic bag. and seal it securely. CAUTION: o Wear a lace shield and gloves when handling a deployed airbag. a Wash your hands and rinse them well with water after handling a deployed airbag. AIRBAG SVURDV ASSEMBLV PLASHC BAG Damaged Airbag Special Prooedule If an airbag cannot be deployed. it should not In treated as normal sera ‘ it should still be considered a potentially explosive duvioo that can cause serious iniury. 1. installed in a car, rollowthe removal procedure on page 235745. - 2. Intertwine the stripped ends of the two airbag wires to make a short circuit. 3. Package the airbag in exactly the same packaging that the new replacement part came in A. Mark the outside all the box DAMAGED AIRBAG NOT DEPLDYED so it does not get confused with your parts stock. 5. Contact your local Honda Service Manager Icr how and where to return it ior disposal. 233-63