Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 39

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 39

    Engine Removal/Inétallation - (cont’d) 12. Remove the battery, battery cable and battery base. a x 1.25 mm HATTERV BASE 22 N-rn (2.2 kg-m, ls Ilml 6x 1.0 mm 10 Mm (1.0 kg-m. 7 Ih-m BATTERV CABLE 13. Remove the starter cable and lransmission ground cable. TRANSMISSION GROUND CABLE Bx1.25mm extomm s N-m (0.9 kg-m, 10 N m11.0 kg-m, STARTER 7 Ilrh) CABLE 7 lb-m 14V Relieve fuel pressure by slowly loosening the service Do“ on xhe fuel rail aboux one mrn. Do not amok. whila working on lusl :ystem. Koap open flame or spark away lrorn work am. Drain fue| only lmo an approved conuiner. 15. Remove the uel feed huse, Vuel reLurn hose and vats uum hose. FUEL rEEn SERVICE son 12 Ncm (1.2 k -m, 05! WASHER 9 “m, 9 Replace. WASHER Replace. WASHER Replace. zz Mm (2.2 kg-m, IB Ib-m VACUUM FUEL RETURN HOSE NOSE 16. Disconnect me engine wire harness connectors on the left side of the englne compartment. 5 x 1 .0 mm 10 NIVI ll. kg-m, ENGINE me 7 My, HARNESS 5-4