Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 43

    Eng ne Removal/Installation — (cont’d) 30. Raise the hoist lo lull height, 31. Disconnect the heated oxygen sensor (H028) con- nector, (hen remove exhaust pipe A. SELF-LOCKING NUT a x 1.25 mm Ia Min (18 kg-m, I: Ila-kl Replace. GASKEYS Replace SELF-LOCKING NUT 10 x 175 mm SELF-LOCKING NUY gaggle“ *9 25 I” m In x 1.25 mm 55 N~m (5.5 kg~m, w Ila-n) Replace. 32‘ Remove the shift cable lA/TL NOTE: 0 Take care flat to bend the cable when removing it. Always replace any kinked cable with a new one. 0 Adjust the shifl cable when installing. SHIFT CABLE LOCK WASHER Replace 10 um [Lo kg-m, 1Ib-n) COVER 8 X 125 mm 18 Min (La kg-m, 13 Ib-fll 33. 34, 35. 36. Remove the damper forks. CAUTION: Replace the self-locking bola if you can easily thread a non-seW-locking nut past (heir nylon Iocklng Insert: (It should require 1 um «11 kg-m, 0.7 mm of manque to turn the nut on the bolt). Disconnect the suspension IDwer arm ball joints. Remove the driveshafts. CAUTION: Take care not to damage the oil uni when removing me {hilt-shaft. Swing the driveshafi under the fender. NOTE: o Coal all precision-finished surface with clean engine on. 9 Tie plastic bags over the driveshafl endsl 5-8