Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 49

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 49

    Var able Valve Timing and Valve Llft Electronic Control (VTEC) Solenoid Valve » ‘nte MIL nu been reported on. — Wilh line see shofl oonnoclor connected. code 21 is i di- and. __— — Troubleshooting Flowchart Check the VYEC Control System: 1. Do the engine control module lECM) Reset Procedure. 2, Start the engine. 3. Warm up engine to normal operating temperature itne radiator lan comes oni. A. Do the Road Test “ Road Test: Is MIL on and does it indicate code 21? us IE1 The Malfunction Indicate! Lamp (MIL) indicates Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) 21: A problem in the i / l VTEC Solenoid Valve circuit. Reverto page 1178 through 11712 before troubleshooting. Amelsrale test two more times, Intermittent t-ilnre, system is OK otthistlme. Check for poor connections I. loose wire: at erc solenoid valve Ind ECM. 1st gear to an engine speed over 4,000 min irpml. Hold that engine speed hr at leasnwo seconds. ll the MIL does not come on dunng the first road test, repeat this Test the VYEC Solenoid Valve: 1, Turn the ign on switch OFF. 2 Disconnect the VTEC solenoid valve conneclor. 3. Check lor continuity between VTEC solenoid valve connecr tor lelmlnal and body ground. Is there 14 - :0 m Hoplaoe the VTEc Iolenoid vllve. yes T. t the erc Solenoid valve w Check lot conlinuilv between vTEc solenoid valve connector terminal and A15Ievmlnai on the em oonr neclor. ls tnsre continuity? VTEC soLENolu VALVE ooNNEc‘l’on YERMINAL SIDE OF MALE TERMINAL EcM OONNECTOR A (26H 34557891oll121: l6 2: 25 26 VTs (GnN/VELI VTEC SOLENOID VALVE CONNECTOR YES (To page 674) Renal! open in the GRN/VEL win belw n the and (A15) and VIEC solenoid valve connoclor. WIRE SIDE OF FEMALE TERMINALS (cont’d) 6-3