Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 50

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN723 Service Manual - Page 50

    Variable Vallve Timing and Valve Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) Solenoid Valve F Troubleshooting Flowchart (cont’d) [From page 63) #— 7»: iii. VTEC Solo-laid Valvo er Chsck lor conrinuiiv belween VTEC solenoid valva conneclor terminal and body ground. vTEc SOLENOID VALVE OOMNECYOR X Wu SIDE or FEMALE YES Rep r shun n u.- GRN/VEL TE’WNAL < ls mere cominuirv? wire betqu iii. ECM (A15) Ind vrsc solunoid v-Iv- connec‘or. NO test the erc smnoid valve: Low anssunE GAUGE i, Conneci ine VTEC solenoxd [nus—0010001 valve conneclor. 2. Remove the ll} mm ball, and install the special lools as shown, lhen reinslell rhe 10 mm boll. . Conneclauchnmeter, . Slamne engine . Warm up engine to normal apereung iemperaiure (ins radiator fan comes on). 6. Check oil pressure at engine NOTE: Keep measuring speeds of 1.000, 1,000 and possible because engine is running with 4.000 mm (rpm). no load Hess men one minulel in mm sou Inspm the VTEC solenoid valve 22 N-m [2.2 kn-m, VES OIL PRESSURE GAUGE 5 ’4 ATrAcuMEm omAJ — venom mom Is pressure below 50 kPa [0.5 kg/cm’, 7 psi)? Ton mo VTEC Soleno Valle 1. Turn me ignilion swilcn OFF. 2. Disconnect me VTEC solenoid ts‘vggffifoxf GAUGE valve connector. 3. Anach me hanerv positive (or minel lo the GRN/VEL lerminel 4, Sun the engine and check oil pressure er an engine speed of 3,000 min (rpm). NO < ngisgfig‘jgw 25 “’3 ‘5 H Impact on we: solenoid mile. VES OIL PRESSURE GAUGE ATrAcuMEnrr emu — P070100 Subamule n known-good EcM .nd recheck. ll symptom/ind lion qua: nwlvl replnce nu. oria nal EcM. 6-4