Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 1

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 1

    ACCORD DIESEL SHOP MANUAL SUPPLEMENT 96 This Repair Manual Supplement contains information on the components and systems unique to ’96 ACCORD Diesel models. This supplement should be used in conjunction with the following manual: Description Code No. HONDA ACCORD MAINTENANCE, REPAIR AND CONSTRUCTION 93 828N700 HONDA ACCORD SUPPLEMENT 93 625N720 HONDA ACCORD SUPPLEMENT 94 828N721 HONDA ACCORD SUPPLEMENT 95 628N722 HONDA ACCORD SUPPLEMENT 96 628N723 A: sections with include SR5 mmpoflenls; spedal precautions are required when servicing. First Edition 1/98 230 pages All Rights Reserved HONDA MOTOR (30., LTDI Service Publication Office General Data, Engine Tuning Data, Capacities, Fluids and Lubricants Maintenance Engine Engine Management System Cooling system Manifold & Exhaust Clutch Manual Gearbox Drive Shafts *Steering Brakes *Body ‘Air Conditioning Electrical Instruments Electrical (Wiring Diagrams) : marked sections are not included in this manual.