Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 14

    MAINTENANCE CHECK ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION Visually Inspect lor OII leaks from the engine and transmission. pay particular attention to areas ol gaskets and seals. ENGINE OIL AND FILTER Oil level check Always check oil level and drain oil with vehicle standing on level ground and use oil of specification API 56 or SG/CD orAPI SH quality SAE 15W/40 for topping up or refilling. 10M 0315 1. Vlfithdraw dipstick and wipe blade. re-insen dipstick iully. withdraw it and check oil level which must be maintained between ‘MIN and MAX‘ marks on dipstick. CAUTION: Ensure NO 01/ dnps unto the alternator when extracting the dipstick. 2. If required, remove filler cap and top- up with new engine oil to specification SAE 1 5W/40. CAUTION: DO NOT raise oil level above the ’MAX’ mark on dipstick. Oil drain and retlll Oil should always be drained when engine is warm. WARNING: After engine has been run, exhaust pipes will be hot,- take care when working in this area. Observe due care when draining oil as oil can be very not. Prolonged and repeated contact with used engine oil may cause serious skin disorders, wash hands thoroughly alter contact. Keep engine oil out of reach of children. 1. Raise iron: of vehicle. WARNING: Support on safety stands. 2. Remove oil drain plug access cover from RH under belly panel. 3. Place a container beneath sump. 4. Remove drain plug and sealing washer, allow oil to drain; discard sealing washer. 5. Clean drain plug, lit new sealing washer and refit drain plug. Tighten drain plug to 45 N-m (4.6 kgf-m, 33 lbf’fti. 6. Remove oil filler cap, refill engine with oil to specification SAE 15W/40 until oil level is correct. CAUTION: DO NOT false oil level above the ’MAX’ mark on dipstick. 7. Fit oil filler cap. 3. Remove container from beneath sump. 9. Fit oil drain plug access cover to RH under belly panel. 10. Remove standls) and lower vehicle. 4 MAINTENANCE