Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 15

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 15

    MAINTENANCE OII lllter renewal Service Repair No. 12.60.04 Renew 1. Raise front oi vehicle. WARNING: Support on saler stands. 2. Remove oil filter access cover from RH under belly panel. 3. Clean area around tiller head and place a container beneath engine. 4. Usrng a strap wrench. unscrew and discard lilter. 5. Clean mating lace cl lilter head. 6. Lubricate sealing ring of new filter with engine on]. 7. Screw filter on to filter head by hand until it seats then tighten one complete turn or ‘17 N~m (1t7 kgf~m,13lbf~fl), 5. Fit filter access cover to RH under belly panel. 9. Remove standisl and lower vehicle. 10. Top-up engine with engine oil to specification SAE 15W/40 until level is correct. CAUTION: DO NOT raise oil level above the ’MAX’ mark an dipstick. 11. Start and run engine and check for oil leaks. 12. Stop engine, wait a few minutes, then check oil level and top up if necessary. CAUTION: Ensure NO oil drips onto the alternator when extracting the dipstick. CRANKCASE BREATHER VALVE Service Repair No, 17.10.25 Remove WM 0814 ’ 1. Siacken clip and release valve lrorn air intake hose. 2. Slacken clip and remove valve lrom breather hose. Rent 1. Fit valve to breather hose and tighten clip. 2. Connect valve to air intake hose and tighten clip. MAINTENANCE 5