Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 16

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 16

    MAINTENANCE DRIVE BELT Service Repair No. Check/adjust tension » 85.10.05 Renew - 88.10.03 Check condition 1. Raise lront of vehicle. WARNING: Support on safety stands. 2. Remove LH under tray. see BODV - Repairs. 3. Turn steean to RH lock. 4. Check condttion of drive belt. renew a belt that shows sugns ol wear. splitting or oil contamination. 5. Check belt length. belt must be renewed before indicator reaches FlH end of slot. Renew 1. Using a 15 mm ring spanner on drive belt tensioner pulley boll. rotate pulley lully clockwise and hold. 2. Using assistance. release drive belt from alternator pulley. 3. Remove drive belt irorn remaining pulleys and remove from vehicle. 4. Clean drive belt pulley grooves and ensure grooves are not damaged. 5. Fit new dnve belt around pulleys. except alternator pulley, ensure belt is correctly aligned in pulley grooves. 6. Hold tensioner pulley iully clockwise. usung assistance fit drive belt around alternator pulley. 7. Remove ring spanner from tensroner pulley bolt. 8. Relit LH under tray. see BODY - Repairs. 3. Remove stand(s) and lower vehicle. CAMSHAFI TIMING BELT CHECK Service Repair No. 1255.17 CAUTION: This check must be carried out at the serwce Intervals specified In the Servrce maintenance Check Sheet and whenever carrying out any repair which requires the timing belt to be disturbed. Pay pamcular attention for signs 0! bell splitting at base 0/ teeth. 1. Disconnect battery earth lead. 10M 0291 2. Remove 4 bolts securing limmg belt top cover. 3. Remove top cover. 4. Using a socket and extension bar on crankshaft pulley bolt. rotate engine a suflicrent number ol turns to enable timing belt to be inspected. CAUTION: Do not use camshaft gears or retaining bolts to rotate engine. 6 MAINTENANCE