Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 19

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 19

    MAINTENANCE IE: 27. Restrain camshaft gear using tool 186 1521. 28. Remove camshaft gear bolt. 29. Restrain camshaft gear using tool 186 1521. 30. Apply clean engine oil to threads of new bolt, fit camshaft gear bolt. 31. Tighten camshaft gear bolt to 20 N-m (2.0 kgf‘m, 15 Ibfrftl ¢ 90°. 32. Remove tool 18G 1521. 33. Remove timing belt. CAUTION: Ease timing belt all gears using fingers only. Metal levers may damage the bell and gears. Do not rotate engine With Illlllllg bell removed and cylinder head fitted. Timing bells must be stored and handled with care. Always store a timing belt on Its edge with a bend radius greater than 50 mm. do not use a timing belt that has been twrsted or bent double as this can fracture reinforcing fibres. Do not use an oil contaminated timing belt. Although the bell has a set/ice life of 84.000 miles. (735.000 km), an existing belt should only be refitted it it has completed less than 42000 miles. (65,000 Km). Refit 1. Clean timing belt gears and pulleys. CAUTION: It the smtered gears have been subjected to prolonged orl contamination. they must be soaked in a solvent bath and thoroughly washed with solvent betore refitment. Because of the porous construction 0! srntered material. all Impregnaled in the gear will emerge and contaminate a new belt. 2. Clean crankshaft pulley. 3. Using fingers only. fit timing belt to gears. Ensure the bell run between the crankshaft gear and the camshaft gear 15 kept taut during the lining procedure. CAUTION: It original belt is to be refitted. ensure drrecu‘on of rotation 15 Iacrng the correct way. 4. Fit plate to engine mounting studs. 5. Tighten nuts using the following procedure: i. Tighten nuts to 30 N-m (3.1 kgf-m, 16 lbf-ft) ii. Turn nuts through 120 degrees. 6. Fit engine RH mounting assembly. 7. Lower engine on jack to align engine mounting assembly. 8. Fit 3 bolts securing engine mounting to engine and tighten to 85 N~m (8.7 kgt~m. 63 lbf~fti 9. Fit mounting restraint bar to mounting, fit and tighten 2 nuts to 45 Nm (4.6 kgf~m, 33 lbf‘fti 10. Align mounting tie barto body bracket, tit and tighten bolt to 90 N~m (9.2 kgf~m, 66 lbt-ft) 11. Tighten bolt securing mounting tie bar to mounting to 90 N~m (9.2 kgf~m, 66 lbfvft) 12. Remove trolley iack from vehicle. 13. Position camshaft timing belt lower cover, fit 7 bolts and tighten to 5 N-m (0.5 kgf-m. 4 lbf-ft) 14. Fit crankshaft pulley, fit bolt and tighten to 63 N-m (6.4 kgt-m. 46 340 + 90°. 15. Slacken tensioner pulley Allen bolt. 16. Release camshaft timing belt tensioner plunger using tool 18G 1719. 17. Remove timing pin tool 186 1523 from flywheel. 18. Fit camshaft timing belt tensioner access plug from timing belt lower cover. 19. Rotate crankshaft 2 complete revolutions and align camshaft gear timing mark. 20. Tighten tensioner pulley Allen bolt to 44 N~m (4.5 kgf—m, 32 lbf-ftl CAUTION.- Do not exceed the specified torque figure. 21. Position camshaft timing belt top cover, fit 4 bolts and tighten to 5 N~m (0.5 kgf~m. 4 lbf~fti 22. Fit drive belt, see Drive belt. 23. Connect battery earth lead. MAlNTENANCE 9