Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 20

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 20

    MAINTENANCE INJECTION PUMP TIMING BELT - CHECK Service Repair No, 1255.52 Remove CAUTION: This check must be carried out at the service intervals specified on the service maintenance check sheet and whenever carrying out any repair which requires the timing belt to be disturbed. Pay particular attention for signs of the belt splitting at the base of teeth 1‘ Remove air cleaner, see ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Repairs. WM 0286 6, Check timing bett lot condition. renew any timing belt that shows signs ol splits at base of teeth. fraying. oil contamination or uneven wear, Renew timing belt it it tails inspection. see Injection pump timing belt, CAUTION: Cause of oil contamination must be rectified, 7. Clean ‘ection pump timing belt cover. 8. Position injection pump timing belt cover, fit nut and bolts and tighten to 5 N-m (0.5 kgf-m, 4 Ibf-fti 9‘ Fit air cleaner, see ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Repairs 2. Remove bolts securing PAS pipe to °°°a“ 3“ INJECTION PUMP TIMING BELT Service Repair Na. 12.65.51 Remove 1. Remove air cleaner. see ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Repairs. pump timmg belt cover. . Remove injection pump timing covert . Using a socket and an extensuon bar on the crankshaft pulley bolt. rotate the engine to enable all at the iniection pump timing bait to be inspectedt . . t 2. Remove 4 bolts securlng can-shah timing CAUTION: Never use the camshaft gear. year be“ mp cave, retaining hair or iiming belt to rotate the engine 3. Remove cams‘ha mp covet 3 3. Remove 5 buns and nut securing injection 4 5 1 0 MAINTENANCE l—ii, , ,