Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 22

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 22

    MAINTENANCE as an this can fracture reinlorcmg fibres. Do not use all contaminated timing belt. Although the belt has a service lite of 84.000 miles, (135.000 km), an exlsting belt should only be refitted it it has completed less than 42.000 miles. (65.000 km). Refit 1. Clean timing belt and gears. CAUTION: II the slntered gears have been subjected to prolonged oil contaminatlon. they must be soaked in a solvent bath and thoroughly washed With solvent Delore refitment. Because cl the porous construction cl slntered material. all impregnated in the gear will emerge and contaminate a new belt. Cause of oil contamination must be rectified. 2. Using lingers only. lit timing belt to gears. CAUTION: II the original belt IS to be refitted . ensure directlon o! rotation is tacng the correct way. 1 1 .I 1 3. Push timing belt tensioner against belt to remove all slack and tighten tensioner Allen bolt, do not torque fixing at this stage. 4. Restrain front camshaft gear using tool 186 1521. 5, Tighten 4 camshaft gear to boss bolts to 25 N-m (2.5 kgf-m, 18 Ibf-ft) . Remove tool 186 1521. . Remove injection pump gear locking pin and engine timing pin. 8. Rotate crankshaft 2 complete turns clockwise until the timing pin and locking pin can be refitted. im 9. Slacken timing belt tensioner Allen bolt. 0. Using a dial gauge torque wrench apply a force of 18 kgf (180 N) to the tensioner to tension the belt, tighten tensioner Allen bolt to 44 N~m (4.5 kgf-m, 32 Ibfsft), 1. Remove injection pump gear locking pin and en ine timing pin, 2. Position Injection pump timing belt cover, fit nut and bolts and tighten to 5 N-m 10,5 kgf-rn, 4 lbf~ftl 3. Fit camshaft timing belt top cover, fit bolts and tighten to 5 N-m (0.5 kgf-rn, 4 lbfvft) 14. 15. Fit and tighten bolts securing PAS pipe to coolant rail. Fit air cleaner. see ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ~ Repairs. FUEL SYSTEM HOSES, PIPES AND UNIONS awn . Check luel pipes and connections for chafing and leakage. . Check pipes are securely clipped. . Check luel tank connections for security. . Check luel tank is free from leaks and corrosion. . Check luel tank for security at lixings. FUEL FILTER Service Repair No. 19.25.02 Renew 1. Posmon absorbent cloth beneath luel lilter CAUTION: Avord any luel spillage onto starter motor. 10M03|8 Z 3. omenme .t 12. 13. Release clip and disconnect luel inlet hose from filter. Release clip and disconnect fuel outlet hose trom lilter. . Remove luel filter Irorn body mounting bracket. . Slacken luel filter bracket clamp boll. Remove fuel lilter bracket. Fit fuel filter bracket to new lilter. . Tighten luel lilter bracket clamp bolt. . Fit luel filter to body mounting bracket. . Connect luel outlet hose to filter and secure Clip. . Connect luel inlet hose to lilter and secure clip, Slacken bleed screw. Repeatedly squeeze fuel hand primer until luel. issuing irom bleed screw IS tree lrorn air bubbles; lighten bleed screw. MAINTENANCE