Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 24

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 24

    MAINTENANCE COOLING SYSTEM ___—___—__. WARNING: Since injury such as scalding could be caused by escaping steam or coolant, do not remove the pressure relief cop lronr the expansion tank while system is hot. Wait until system has cooled, use a cloth or gloves to protect hands lrom escaping steam. Check level and top~up CAUTION: The coolant level should only be checked when the system is cold. ’J at‘ IOM 0262 1. Visually check that the coolant level Is below flange on expansion tank. It level is appreciably low. suspect Ieakeage or overheating. CAUTION: l! coolant is not Visible in expansion rank. the system must be refilled in accordance With the Refill procedure. 2. It required. remove coolant expansion tank cap and top-up wrth the correct anti- freeze mixture to just above the tank ltange. see INFORMATION — CAPACITIES, FLUIDS AND LUBRICANTS. CAUTION: The coolant level must not exceed the maximum level Indicator. 3. Check specific gravity of coolant. The overall anti—freeze concentration must not be less than 50% by volume. 4. Refit expansion tank cap. Drain and refill Servlce Repair No. 26.10.01 1. Visually check engine and cooling system tor coolant leaks. 2. Examine hoses for signs of cracking, distortion and security of connections, 3. Move heater control to ‘HOT‘ position. 4‘ Remove LH under tray. see BODV - Repairs. 5. Remove under belly panel. see BODY - Repairs. 6. Remove cap irorn expansuon tank. 7. Position container to collect drained coolant. a. Slacken clip. disconnect bottom hose from radiator and allow coolant to drain 9. Flush system with water under low pressure CAUTION: ngh pressure water could damage the radiator. 10. Connect bottom nose to radiator and tighten clip. 11. Fit LH under tray. see BODV. 12 Fit under belly panel. see BODY - Repairs. 13. Fill system slowly through coolant expansion tank until the coolant reaches the MAX level indicator. 14. F“ coolant expansion tank cap. 15. Start and run engine until the radiator cooling tan operates. Do not operate the aIr conditioning system (it fined). 16. Switch oft engine and allow to cool. 17. Check tor coolant leaks and top-up coolant to ‘MAX‘ level indicator. 1 4 MAINTENANCE