Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 27

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 27

    MAINTENANCE r J! Steering column, rack, joints and galters 10M 030! 4 h‘é ‘ Check steering column to body mounting bolts are tight, . Check steering column universal joint bolts — 28 NH] (2‘9 kgf-m, 21 lbf-ftl. t Check steering rack to body, bolts - 50 N~m (5.1 kgf~m, 37 lbf-lt). , Check steering rack clamp to body, bolts — 39 Nm (4‘0 kgf‘m, 29 IbfAft). ‘ Inspect steering rack mounting rubbers for signs of deterioration. . Restrain ball joint movement and check that steering track rod locknuts are tightened to 45 N-m (4,6 kgf-m, 33 lbf~ftl. , Check steering rack ball joint boots for signs of damage or deterioration. , Check that split pins are fitted to all ball joint nuts. . Visually check that the rack sealing gaiters are not twisted or damaged and clips are secure . Check for signs of lubricant leakage. mmbwwa claws: MAINTENANCE