Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 3

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 3

    INTRODUCTION ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS After Bottom Dead Centre After Top Dead Centre Air Cleaner Air conditioning, Air conditioner Air fuel ratio Alternating current Alternator Amperes Anti-lock brake system Before Bottom Dead Centre Before Top Dead Centre Bottom Dead Centre British Standards Carbon monoxide Celcius (Centigrade) Centimetre Chlorofluorocarbons Crankshaft position Cubic centimetres Cubic inches Degree (angle) Degree (temperature) Dial test indicator Diameter Direct current Electronic Control Unit Exhaust gas recirculation Electronic air control valve Engine Control Module Engine Coolant temperature Fahrenheit Foot Gallons (Imperial) Gramme (mass) High compression Hour Inches Intake air temperature Internal diameter International Organization for Standardization Kilometre Kilogramme Left — hand Left — handle drive Light emitting diode Litre Low Compression ABDC ATDC ACL AIC AFR ac ALT A ABS BBDC BTDC BDC BS CO C cm CFCs CKP cmz deg. or ° degt or ° DTI dia, dc ECU EGR EACV ECM ECT F gal he in IAT i.dia, ISO km kg LH LHD LED Malfunction Indicator Lamp Manifold Absolute Pressure Mass Air Flow Maximum Mercury Metre Miles per hour Millimetre Minimum Minus (of tolerance) Minute (angle) Model Year Multi — function unit Multi — point injection Negative (electrical) Newton metre Number Outside diameter Percentage Pint Plus or minus Plus (tolerance) Positive (electrical) Positive crankcase ventilation Positive temperature coefficient Pounds mass Power assisted steering Radius Ratio Reference Revolutions per minute Right — hand Right— handle drive Rover Engineering Standards Second (angle) Single overhead camshaft Specific gravity Square centimetres Standard Supplementary Restraint System Synchronizer synchromesh Thousand Top dead centre United Kingdom United States Vehicle identification number Vehicle Speed Sensor Volt Watt MIL MAP MAF max. Hg mph rnin MY MFU MPi (—l Nm Not oldia. PAS ref. rev/min RH RHD RES SOHC spgr cm2 Stdt SR5 synchro k TDC UK US VIN VSS V W INTRODUCTION