Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 32

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 32

    MAINTENANCE 1 0M0282 A Pin B Lever 2. Make sure the lever of the rear brake caliper contacts the brake caliper pin. 3 4/ IOMOZBB 3. Pull the handbrake lever up one notch. 1 OMOZM 4. Remove rear ashtray from centre console. 5. Tighten handbrake cable adjusting nut until rear wheels bind slightly when rotated. 6. Release handbrake lever fully and check that rear wheels rotate freely without binding. Readiust it necessary. 7. Apply handbrake lever one notch at a time and count the number ol notches until both rear wheels lock. This should happen at a minimum ol 7 notches and belore the maxxrnum of 11 notches. a. Refit rear ashtray in centre console. 9. Remove stand(s) and lower vehicle. BRAKE HOSES AND PIPES 1. Visually check all brake fluid pipes. hoses and connections for correct routing and security. 2. Check for signs ol chafing. leakage or corrosion. Hose Replacement CAUTION: 0 Before reassemolrng. check that all parts are lree of dust and other foreign particles. 0 Replace parts With new ones whenever specified to do so. 0 Use only clean DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. 0 Make sure no dirt or other foleign matter is allowed to contammate the brake fluid. 0 Do not mix dillerent brands nl brake fluid as they may not be compatible. 0 Do not allow brake third to come into contact With the paintwork as it will cause surface damage. I! brake fluid is spilled on the paintwork. wash it of! Immediately with water. 1. Replace the brake hose ii the hose is twisted. cracked or it it leaks. Note: Disconnect hose at end nearest to master cylinder first. 2. Disconnect the brake hose from the brake pipe using a 10 mm union spanner. 3. Plug and oi brake pipe to prevent ingress 0! din and excess lluid loss. 4. Remove and discard brake hose clip from mounting bracket. 5. Remove banjo bolt and disconnect brake hose tron-i caliper. 6. Remove 4 bolts securing brake hose to hub and damper, lront brake only. . Remove and discard brake hose. . Remove plug from brake pipe and connect brake hose. . Using new sealing washers. connect brake hose to caliper. 10. Posttion brake hose to hub and damper and secure with bolts. front brake only. CAUTION: Do not (WIS! the brake hose excesswely. 11. Tighten brake hose to caliper banjo bolt to 35 Nm (3.6 kgl~m, 25 3141). 12. Tighten brake hose to brake pipe union to 15 N~rn (1.5 kgf-m, 11 WHO. 13. Align brake hose to mounting bracket and secure with new clip, tap home with hide mallet. 14. Bleed brake system. see Brake system. 15. Check brake hose and line joints for leaks, tighten if necessary. MON! 22 MAlNTENA‘NCE