Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 34

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 34

    MAINTENANCE REAR DISC BRAKES Check 1. Raise rear ol vehicle. WARNING: Support on salary stands. 2 Remove road wheelie). v ‘3 am 0557 3. Check brake pads Visually and assess pad thickness. 8 B W 0571 DATA: Minimum brake pad thickness (Al: 3 mm. Note: Measurement does not include pad backing thickness. ll brake pads have worn to less than the recommended thickness they must be replaced. see REPAIR MANUAL - BRAKES - Repairs. WARNING: Brake pads must be renewed in axle sets only. Braking efficiency may otherwise be impaired. BODY Locks, hinges and latch mechanism (not steering lock) 1. Functionally check operation ot all locks. 2. Operate front door lock and check that electric central door locking operates. 3. Ensure that all locks, hinges and latch mechanisms are lubricated using Door Lock and Latch Lubricant. Inject grease sparingly into lock barrels. Clean off any surplus grease. DO NOT lubricate the steering lock. 4. Lubricate sunrool lid seal very sparineg usmg Non-Staining Grease BAU 5812 (Coming No. 7). Exterior paintwork and body panels fisually check paintwork and body panels tor damage and corroswn. Underhody sealer Visually check underbody sealer for damage and continuity. AIR CONDITIONING Air conditioner refrigerant sight glass - check 1. Start engine and switch on air conditioner. 2 Run engine at fast idle for a few minutes. tDM 0261 3. Observe Sight glass. Occasional bubbles indicates normal condition. A constant stream ol bubbles indicates low relrigerant. A clouded or Streaky Sight glass indicates a compressor fault or drier desiccant Circulating. 24 MAINTENANCE