Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 35

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 35

    WINDSCREEN WASHERS IOM 0260 1. Remove tiller cap, visually check mixture level in reservoir by looking at top at float positron. 2. Top-up by adding a mixture of water and Screenwash at required concentration. MAINTENANCE [2 10M 0259 4. Operate wrndscreen washer and check that Jets strike top and centre at area to be wiped. . Adjust Jet by insemng a needle into jet hole and reposrtioning. . Check operallon ol programmed washrwipe by swrtchtng on ignition and operating washer lever. . Observe that washer and wrper operate tar as long as lever is operated and wiper operates for a lurther 5 seconds alter lever is released. 8. After adjustments. top-up fluid level in reservoir. at m ‘1 RESG’VO TemPea‘Ue 0 SCREEN WIPERS AND BLADES capaclty ~3° ~7° -12° — 1. Operate lront screen wiper. 5.7 litre 0.6 ltr 1.2 ltr 2.4 ltr 2. Check that blades wipe screen without smearing. 3. Clean windscreen washer jets using thin 3. Check that wipers park correctly. wrre as a probe. Disconnect tube from let 4. Operate wlpef swrtch in all modes. and remove debris. Reconnect washer tube. 5. Check that wipers operate at speeds selected. Renew blade . Lift wiper arm. . Press retaining lever. . Slide blade down arm. . Withdraw blade assembly trom arm. . Positron new blade on wtper arm. whom- MAINTENANCE 25