Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 36

    MAINTENANCE 6. Push blade into engagement with arm. 7. Check that it is retained. LAMPS, HORNS AND WARNING INDICATORS 1. Switch on sidelamps and check that sidelamps. headlamps in the dipped mode. tail lamps. rear number plate lamps. panel illumination lamps and panel sidelamp Indicators illumtnate. 2. Switch ON ignition. 3. Switch on headlamps and check that headlamps. tail lamps and rear number plate lamps illuminate. 4. Operate dip switch and check that headlamp dip and main beams and panel main beam indicator illuminate. 5. Operate flash switch and check that headlamps flash. 6. Operate direction warning indicator switch to right and left and check that warning indicators tlash at from and rear. 7. Switch OFF ignition. 8. Open doors and luggage compartment and check that interior lights illuminate. 9. Press horn swrtches and check that horns operate. 10. Operate hazard warning switch and check that all warning indicators tlash. BATTERY CONNECTIONS 1. Pull back flexible terrninal protector. 2. Wipe battery top clean and dry. smear terminal posts with petroleum jelly. 3. Ensure terminals are tight. 4. Replace protector. FUSEBOX Engine compartment fuse box ’ 1. Release and lift oil cover. 7. Check condition of fusible links and security of connections. 3. Refit cover and secure. ROAD TEST Engine pedormance and throttle operation 1. Check that throttle pedal movement is free and unrestricted. 2. Stan engine and check that it starts easin and maintains idle speed. 3. Check that oil pressure‘ and ‘no charge‘ warning lamps extinguish. 4. Check that engine is responsive to throttle movement. Clutch and gear selection Normal driving conditions 1. Check that clutch engages smoothly without judder. slipping or neise. 2. Check tor abnormal transmissron noise. 3. Check for smooth quiet gear change and that gear selected engages easily. Steering 1. Check for naise. eflort required. tree play and sell~centra|ising. Suspension 1. Check for noise. irregularity to ride te.g dampers) and wheel imbalance. Footbrake 1. Check for pedal effort. travel. braking efficiency, pulling and binding. Instruments 1. Check that all instruments operate. 2. Check speedometer lor steady operation. noise and operation of distance recorder. 3. Check warning lights tor bulb tailure. Body and trim 1. Check for abnormal body noise. Seat belts 1. Check for operation at inenia reels and condition of belt webbing. Handbrake 1. Apply handbrake firmly, check travel and ratchet hold and release. 25 MAINTENANCE