Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 43

    136 1716 12M137O fl 4. Ensure tool 188 1716 is clean. CAUTION: Ensure that when fitted, ’open side of 01/ seal laces inwards. 5. Drift oil seal into recess using tool 186 1716 ; ensure that seal is fully located in recess. . Clean drive belt back plate mating faces. . Fit back plate to engine, fit bolts and tighten to 10 N-m (1.0 kgf~m, 7.4 lbi~ft). 8. Clean tensioner pulley. 9. Fit tensioner pulley to gearbox mounting plate locating dowel, fit Allen bolt but do not tighten. 10. Clean rear camshaft drive gear, CAUTION: If the srntered years have been sub/acted to prolonged oil contamination. they must be soaked in a solvent bath and thoroughly washed with solvent bemre refirrnent. Because DI the porous construction of the sintered material. oil impregnated in the gear will emerge and contaminate a new bell. CAUTION: I! inlectron pump lrmrng belt shows any signs of oil contemrnatron. see MAINTENANCE 11. Locate camshaft drive gear on camshaft 1?. Restrain camshaft gear using tool 13G 1 521 . 13. Apply clean engine oil to threads of new rear camshaft gear retaining bolt and io) tighten to 20 Nm (2.0 kngm, 15 lbf‘fl) + 90°. 14. Remove tool 136 1521. 15. Fit injection pump timing belt. see MAINTENANCE. 16. Position sound deadening pad to engine and secure with bolts. ENGINE toga] CRANKSHAFI FRONT OIL SEAL Service Repair No. 12.21.14 Remove 1. Disconnect battery earth lead. 2. Remove camshaft timing bell. see MAINTENANCE. 3. Remove timing gear lrorn crankshaft. 15G 1718 5 llll f [ —Q ll 67 1N131| 4. Ensure bore ol tool 186 1718 is burr tree. screw tool Into crankshaft from oil seal. 5. Remove oil seal by tightening centre bolt of tool. Refit 1. Use lint free cloth and thoroughly clean seal recess in oil pump and running surface on crankshaft. 186 1510 186 1510/1 12M1312 2 Fit guide tools 18G 151D and 18G 1510-1 onto crankshaft. 3. Lubncate on pump seal recess and guide tools wrth clean engine oil. REPAIRS S