Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 45

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 45

    CYLINDER HEAD GASKET Service Repair No. 12.29.02 Flemove 1. Remove exhaust manifold. see MANIFOLD & EXHAUST - Repairs. 2. Remove LH under tray, see BODV - Repairs. 3 Remove air cleaner. see ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - Repairs 4. Remove drive be. see MAINTENANCE. IZMISIJ.‘ 5. Remove 4 bolts securing camshaft turning belt top cover. 6. Remove top cover. 12501314 135 1523 7. Using a socket and extensuon bar on crankshaft pulley bolt. rotate crankshait clockwise to align timing marks on camshaft pulley to back cover. CAUTION: Never use the camshaft gearv gear retarning bolt or trn-ung belt to rotate the camshaft ENGINE 8. Insert timing pin tool 13G 1523 through hole in gearbox mounting back plate and into hole in IIywheeI. 9. Remove 2 botts securing PAS pipes to coolant rail. 10. Remove 5 bolts and nut securing in’ection pump timing belt cover, remove cover. 11‘ Insert locking pin tool 186 1717 through injection pump drive gear and into hole in mounting plate. REPAIRS 7