Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 50

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN724 Service Manual - Page 50

    ENGINE Refit 1. Clean joint surfaces on cylinder head and block. Clean oil and coolant passages. Decarbonise piston crowns and cylinder head it necessary. 2. Clean cylinder head bolt threads with a wire brush. check lor damage. replace it necessary. 3. Wash cylinder head bolts and wipe dry. Apply a light film of engine oil to bolt threads and underside of bolt heads. 4. Fit location dowels to cylinder block. 5. Fit new cylinder head gasket. dry. to cylinder block. 16. Fit glow plugs and tighten to 20 N~m (2.0 kgf-m. 151mm. 17. Connect feed leads to glow plugs, fit and tighten terminal nuts on No. 1 and No.3 glow plugs. 18. Clean mating faces at coolant outlet elbow and cylinder head. 19. Fit new seal to coolant outlet elbow. 20. Position coolant outlet elbow to cylinder head, tit bolts and tighten to 25 N-m (2.5 kgf~rn, 18 Ibf-fti. 21. Align oil level dipstick bracket to coolant outlet elbow, fit bolt and tighten to 9 Min (0.9 kgf-m, 7 Ibhft). 22. Thoroughly clean injectors and injector seats in cylinder head. 23. Fit new sealing washers to injectors and fit injectors to cylinder head. 6. Fit cylinder head onto cylinder block.‘ CAUTION: The in/ector Incorporating the needle ca’eUW local-n9 0 dowels use FSSS‘FWS- lift sensor must be fitted into No.7 cylinder position 10 s 2 3 7 °”’V‘ - - CAUTION: Domed surface 0/ sealing washer must face towards injector. 9 I2M1332 7. Tighten cylinder head bolts progressiver in the sequence shown. using the lollowtng procedure: i Tighten all bolts to 30 N-m (3.1 kgl-m, 22 Ibf-fti. ll. Tighten all bolts to 65 N-m (6.6 kgfvm, 48 Ibf-ftl. Using a felt tip pen, mark position of radial mark on each bolt head. i Turn all bolts through 90°. iv. Turn all bolts through another 90. 8. Clean camshaft cover to cylinder head mating faces. 9. Inspect camshaft cover gasket tor srgns of 24. Fit clamp plates to injectors. align injectors and clamp plates to bolt holes in cylinder head. 25. Fit injector clamp plate bolts and tighten to 25 N-m (2.5 kgf-m. 18 lbf-ftl. 26. Using new sealing washers, fit spill return pipe union to injector and tighten banjo bolt to 10 N-m (1.0 kgf-rn, 7.4 Ibf~ft). 27. Remove plugs trom injector pipes. injection pump and injector unions. 28. Clean injector pipes. injection pump and injector unions. 29. Fit and align injector pipes to injectors and luel Injection pump. 30. Tighten injector pipes to fuel injection pump unions to 20 N~m (2.0 kgi‘m, 15 lbf‘fti. 31. Tighten injector pipes to injector unions to 20 N~m (2.0 kgfrn, 15 lbf‘ftl. damage. replace it necessary. ID. Fit camshaft cover to cylinder head. CAUTION: To prevent damage to fuel system pipes or components. use 2 spanners when loosening or tightening unions. 10 6 2 3 7 11 IZMIZM 11. Working in the sequence shown, (it camshaft cover bolts and tighten to 9 N-m (0.9 kgt-m, 7 (bf-ft). 12. Connect vacuum pipe to vacuum pump and secure wrth clip. 13. Align vacuum pipe bracket to camshaft cover. (it and tighten Allen screw. 14. Thoroughly clean glow plugs and glow plug seating area in cylinder head. 15 Apply a surtable anti-sieze compound to threads ol glow plugs. 32 Connect radiator top hose to coolant outlet elbow and tighten clip. 33. Position engine harness. 34. Secure namess clip to oil level dipstick tube bracket. 35. Connect injector lift sensor multiplug and secure to injection pump bracket. 36. Connect supply lead to No.2 glow plug and tighten termrnal nut. 37. Connect multiplug to oil pressure switch. 38. Connect instrument pack ECT gauge sending unit connector. 39. Connect multiplug to ECT sensor. 40. Connect main harness to engine harness multiplugs. 41. Clean injection pump timing belt back plate to cylinder head mating laces. 1 2 REPAIRS