Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 146

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 146

    (From page 446 Repailshodloignilionln BLU/GRN (e) wire between MAF sensor and 2cm (may VES ls lnere battery volxag NO Turn Ihe ignition switch OFF and re conned Xhe 4P conneclol. Slafl (he englne and allow it to idle Measure vollage between BLU/GHN 1+) terminal and PNKIBLK (—l lelm’ nal ollhe MAF sensor by back—prob- ing me 4P oonnemor. . SENSOR BLK PNKIBLK BRN/OHN BLU/GRN vlew lrom terminal 5MB ls mere approx. 1.5 v? No Tum Ignlllon swltch OFF and discon- , . 7 NOTE: The vollage will fluctu~ necl me 4P conneaor lrom Ihe MAF c°“y~ ale sllghlly. sensor. vss Disconnem me 55? connector lrom the aim Check lor continuxty lo round on me BLUIGRN (+J lerrnina or the MAF sensor harness connector. Measure vollage between A38 (+) terminal and A13 (—) lerminal ol the breakoul— box. Repair short ln BLU/GRN (+) wire < Isthere conlinuily? between MAF sensor and ECM (may e vss N0 Replace MAF sensor. Is mere approx. r.5v? N0 Re . , _ palr open In BLU/GRN wlre be- gg‘ls’fiém: voltage WI tlw“ Mean MAF sensor and ECM (A38). YES 1 5V? Vlew lrom harness side ‘ A13 (—) Subxlilute a known—good MAF sensor and/or ECM Ind recheck ll symptomflndlcalion goes away. re- AI &&&&&&&g&&&&&g£flg4&a “9 Elsi; original MAF sensor tad/or A20 &&&&&L&&&&&é&&&&&& A37 ‘ A38 &&&&&&é&£&&rfl-&&&&££E A55 A33 (+) 11-147