Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 17

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 17

    Diesel Engine Management System “System Description INPUTS OUTPUTS Crankshaft Position Sensor Needle Lilt Sensor Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Intake Air Temperature Sensor Boost Pressure Sensor Glow Plug Flelay EGR solenoid valve Vehicle Speed Sensor ECM g‘msmem“ I Throttle Pedal Position Sensor Manunc‘ign India” Lam ‘ Brake Peaa‘ SWiwh Data Link Connector p Mass Air Flaw sensor In’ection Timin Device . Fug] Temperame sens” Fder Quantity Solenoid Fuel Quantity Feedback Sensor Diagnostic Connector Battery Supply Starter Signal Earth Supply Diesel Englne Management System Electronic diesel control operation is necessary in order to achieve optimum combustion ol fuel in the cylinder using sensors located at strategic points around the engine The signals lrom these sensors are used to adjust the luel injection quantity and timing according to periormance conditions. The ECM therelore contains control maps lor each sensor related to performance conditions which are updated during driving. The ECM incorporates short—circuit protection and can store intermittent faults on certain inputs, In case at system lailure the ECM implements a back-up tacility to continue lunctioning. although at a reduced level of perlormance. . A separate Data Link Connector is used to read out the diagnostic trouble codes without disconnecting the ECM. Fuel Injector Timing and Duratlon Fuel injection timing and quantity control is done with the ECM comparing the actual values ot pertormance with the ones stored in so-called control maps in the ECM and then adjusting the solenoids and actuators as necessary. 11-18